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The Saudi Canoe and Kayak Federation was established in December 2017 by decision of the Minister of Sports No. 13911. The formation of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Canoe and Kayak Federation was approved on May 23, 2021, for the second session, for a period of four years. The Saudi Canoe and Kayak Federation obtained international recognition from the International Canoe Federation on November 4, 2021. The federation began its first activities in October 2021, with women’s participation exceeding 3,500 participants in just twenty days. The Saudi Canoe and Kayak Federation provides services to more than 8,000 practitioners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

01 Spreading the concept and culture of canoeing and kayaking among the community, building a base of practitioners, and working to increase their numbers
02 The Federation is working hard to contribute to the development of canoe and kayak sports by harnessing all capabilities and providing the appropriate environment for practitioners

01 We organize, activate and establish the sport of canoeing and kayaking as a healthy, cultural, recreational and touristic sport for a healthy society. We encourage professional practitioners of this sport and activate their participation in sports competitions and record local and international achievements in the name of the Kingdom.
02 Developing and raising the level of canoeing and kayaking by creating an attractive environment for practicing canoeing and kayaking in accordance with quality and safety standards and requirements.

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